190-600 Series Aluminum Towers
190-600 Series Aluminum Towers


190-600 Series Aluminum Towers

NovaLynx provides free-standing towers with legs constructed of tubular aluminum in a triangle pattern. The equilateral triangle formed by the welded aluminum rod cross bracing produces the same superior strength as in steel towers, but with lighter weight for the same height. A nine foot long section with a tapered end is used as the top section of the stacked tower. This same tapered section may be used by itself to form a nine foot tower. Base plates are available for easy installation into concrete or onto roofs. Guy wires are normally required for roof mount tower. Heavy-duty versions of the aluminum towers are available for use in high winds. Other tower configurations are available. Contact NovaLynx for details.

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190-610 10' Aluminum Tower, tapered top, w/o base
190-611 30' Aluminum Stacked Tower, std duty, w/o base
190-612 30' Aluminum Stacked Tower, heavy duty, w/o base
190-618 Ground Mount, standard duty, base section 4' x 14" each side
190-619 Roof Mount, standard duty, base plate 14" each side
190-618-HD Ground Mount, heavy duty, base section 4' poles, 3 each
190-619-HD Roof Mount, heavy duty, base plate 18" each side

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