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320 Series Solar Panel Battery Chargers

320 Series Solar Panel Battery Chargers
320 Series Solar Panel Battery Chargers
Meteorological instruments and systems are often located in remote areas to gather localized weather data. These remote areas may not have commercial grade power or the local power lines may not be accessible for use at the instrument site. To overcome this lack of power, most meteorological instruments and systems have been designed to operate from +12 volt batteries. Because batteries have a limited capacity, they need to be replaced with fully charged batteries on a regular schedule or battery charging must be provided at the remote site.
Product Details

The 320 Series Solar Panels use the sun's energy to recharge batteries. These panels feature regulator circuits designed to allow effective charging of the 310 series batteries. A charging regulator used with the solar panel prevents the batteries from being over-charged and from being charged at current levels that could damage the batteries. The regulator also prevents the battery power from being discharged back through the solar panel at night. The 320-600 Solar Panel, when used with a 7 AH battery, will typically provide continuous operation for a 60 to 80 mA load. For custom power requirements factory engineers can design a charging system that includes large capacity storage batteries.

  • The 320-600 is fixed-angle (45°) and includes the charge regulator, mounting bracket, and 10' of cable.
  • The 110-WS-25SP-20 includes a variable-angle mounting bracket, charge regulator, and 10' of cable.
  • The 110-WS-25SP-50 includes a variable-angle double-arm side of pole/wall mount bracket, charge regulator, and 20' of cable.


320-600 Solar Panel
Maximum output: 0.6 Amps (10 Watts)
Regulated voltage output: 14.3 V
Size: 14.1" x 13"
Weight/shipping: 6 lbs/8 lbs

110-WS-25SP-20 Solar Panel
Maximum output: 1.17 Amps (20 Watts)
Regulated voltage output: 13.8 V
Size: 16.5" x 13.2"
Weight/shipping: 8 lbs/10 lbs

110-WS-25SP-50 Solar Panel
Maximum output: 3 Amps (50 Watts)
Regulated voltage output: 14.3 V
Size: 30" x 22" x 6"
Shipping weight: 32 lbs

Note: Ratings at conditions of 1000 Wm² at 25°C

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