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Barometric Pressure

Automatic Barometer Corrections Spreadsheet - (XLS) - Courtesy of Princo Instruments, Inc.

Elevation Correction Tables for Barometric Pressure Sensors - (PDF) - Based upon the United States Standard Atmosphere.

Finding your Latitude and Altitude for Barometer Corrections

GPS Versus Barometric Altitude: The Definitive Answer - What's 'GPS altitude' and what's 'barometric altitude'? And what's the difference? And does it matter? This article, first published in issue 123 of Cross Country magazine, May 2009, explains all you need to know about the 'barometric versus GPS altitude' issue.

Pressure Altitude Equivalents - A simplified table based upon the United States Standard Atmosphere

Pressure Conversion Table - Use this table to convert barometric pressure readings from millibars to inches of mercury to millimeters of mercury.

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