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Beaufort Scale - UK Met Office
Beaufort Scale - Fact Sheet No 6 (PDF) - UK Met Office

Finding True North - Hints about orienting a wind vane to true north for accurate wind direction measurements.

Meteorology Guides: Forces and Winds - The weight of the air above an object exerts a force per unit area upon that object and this force is called pressure. Variations in pressure lead to the development of winds, which in turn influence our daily weather. This module introduces pressure, how it changes with height, and the importance of high and low pressure systems. In addition, this module introduces the pressure gradient and Coriolis forces and their role in generating wind. Local wind systems such as land breezes and sea breezes are also introduced.

Q&A with Herbert Saffir - Herbert Saffir describes how his work on building codes led to the development of a hurricane scale based on potential structural damage in this June 2001 interview from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale: An Interview with Dr. Robert Simpson - Dr. Simpson gives some background on the scale and his feelings about the way it has been used in the discussion of hurricanes. Reprinted from the "Mariners Weather Log" April 1999.

Vector Methods of Wind Measurement - Describes how translating wind speed and wind direction measurements into an X‑Y (or Cartesian) coordinate system solves some errors that occur when doing averages and sigmas (standard deviations) in the polar coordinate system.

What Is a Wind Rose? - The wind rose is the time honored method of graphically presenting the wind conditions, direction and speed, over a period of time at a specific location.

Wind Chill Chart - and related links.

Wind Conversion Table - Use this table to convert wind speed measurements between miles per hour, knots, feet per second, kilometers per hour, and feet per minute.

Wind Direction Potentiometer Configuration - A brief description of 360-degree and 540-degree potentiometer configurations.

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