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Discontinued Products

The following items have been removed from our active product line but some are still available on special order. We continue to support all of our products. If you have an instrument that needs repair, or if you are considering upgrading your equipment, please contact us for more information.

100-101990 TACMET Weather Sensor
100-1950-A Weather Station WS/WD/T/RH/BP
100-2000 Packaged Weather Station, see 110-WS-25
100-2310 Wireless Weather Station
100-2315 Wireless Weather Station
100-4056 Solid-State Weather Station
100-EWS Electronic Weather Station
100-WR-25 Weather Report System
100-WR103NX Portable Weather Radio
100-WR108 Portable Weather Radio
100-WR602 Portable Weather Radio

110-WS-10 & WS-10T & WS-11 WindStation (game port connection), not available
110-WS-12 & WS-13 WindStation (parallel port connection), not available
110-WS-14 Modular Weather Station, see 110-WS-25
110-WS-16 Modular Weather Station, see 110-WS-25
110-WS-18 Portable Weather Station, see 110-WS-25P
110-WS-32 Packaged Weather Station

130-1005 12-Position Module Rack
130-10100 Dust Cover Set
130-10101 Blank Panel, 1 position
130-10102 Blank Panel, 2 position
130-10104 Blank Panel, 4 position
130-1018 6-Position Module Rack
130-1023 3-Position Module Rack
130-1030-E Power Supply Module, 115 Vac
130-1030-F Power Supply Module, 230 Vac
130-1200 Input Module, wind speed (dc gen)
130-1210 Input Module, wind speed (ac gen)
130-1215 Input Module, wind speed (hf tach)
130-1220 Input Module, wind speed (light chop)
130-1240-A Input Module, wind dir (5K-ohm pot)
130-1250-A Input Module, wind dir (5K-ohm pot)
130-1300 Input Module, solar
130-1410 Input Module, temp (3-element)
130-1420-A Input Module, temp (100-ohm platinum)
130-1430 Input Module, delta temp
130-1500 Input Module, relative humidity
130-1540 Input Module, dew point
130-1600 Input Module, event accumulation
130-1605 Extender Card, signal cond modules
130-1606 Extender Card, power supply modules
130-1630 Voltage to Current Module, 4-20 mA
130-1630-A Voltage to Current Module, 0-1 mA
130-1664 Input Module, water level
130-1705 Input Module, atmospheric pressure
130-1799-A Computer Interface Module
130-1990 Switchable LCD Display Module
130-1992 Dual LCD Display Module

140-210 900MHZ Spread Spectrum Radio
140-400 Spread Spectrum Radio
140-900 Spread Spectrum Radio>

195-100 Data Logger
195-26700 Programmable Translator, see 195-26800
195-WS-16RA Remote Alarm Autodialer
195-NL-32 Data Logger

200-100075 F460 Anemometer
200-100076 F460 Wind Vane
200-1005 Cup Anemometer
200-1010 Wind Vane
200-101908 Current Loop Wind Sensors
200-102083 Wind Mark III Wind Sensors
200-1040sx Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
200-1230 -1231 -1233 Wind Speed Calibrators
200-1247 -1249-A Wind Direction Calibrators
200-2000sx Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
200-2005 Low Threshold Vane
200-2010 Low Threshold Anemometer
200-2011 Low Threshold Anemometer
200-2135 Wind Minder (wind direction sensor with indicator)
200-2520 Wind Meter
200-2530 Wind Speed Indicator
200-2630 Wind Dancer
200-27005 UVW Anemometer, see 200-81000
200-276 Windscribe Wind Meter
200-451112 Vane Thermo Anemometer
200-425A Sonic Anemometer
200-455 Totalizing Anemometer with 10-minute Counter
200-500 Wind Speed Dial with Gust Indicator
200-960 Windtronic 2 Handheld Anemometer
200-AN200 Cup Thermo-Anemometer
200-WS-22 Current Loop Wind Sensor, Manual (PDF), see 200-WS-23
200-WSI-66 Handheld Anemometer

210-3005 Temperature Dial
210-4110-A Thermograph, not available, some charts and pens are available, call for repairs
210-4425 Orchard Minimum Thermometer
210-4433 & 210-4434 Min-Max Thermometer
210-4437 Min-Max Thermometer with push button reset
210-4441 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
210-4490 Floating Min-Max Thermometer 20/110F, not available, see 255-212
210-4491 Floating Min-Max Thermometer -10/60C, not available, see 255-212
210-4492 Submersible Min-Max Thermometer 20/110F, not available, see 255-212
210-4493 Submersible Min-Max Thermometer -10/60C, not available, see 255-212
210-53211 Protective Housing for Dew Cell
210-600 Water/Soil Temperature Sensor, limited supply
210-TP1 Temperature Sensor
T170225 Temperature Translator Board

220-050U Humidity Sensor
220-504 Relative Humidity Sensor, see 220-HMP155D
220-5120 Series Humidity Probes
220-5150-A Calibration Chamber, limited supply
220-730 Dial Hygrometer
220-HMK41 Calibration Kit

225-050YA RH/Temp Sensor, see 225-HMP60A
225-2004 Sierra-Misco Hygrothermograph (Isuzu), call for charts, pens, and repairs
225-4007 Humidity Dial
225-444732 Hygro-Thermometer/Dew Point Meter
225-4465CF RH/Temp Meter
225-445703 Big Digit Hygro-thermometer
225-50211 Replacement Hair Bundle
225-503 RH/Temp Sensor, See 225-HMP155A
225-5129-D Humidity/Temperature Probe
225-5129-E Humidity/Temperature Probe
225-5281 & 225-5182 Circular Psychrometric Slide Rule
225-504480 Temp/Humidity Sensor
225-930 Dial Thermohygrometer
225-HMP50YA Temp/Humidity Sensor, Manual, see 225-HMP60A
225-HMW Series Temp/Humidity Sensors
225-SAM Digital Sling Psychrometer
225-RH520A Humidity and Temperature Digital Chart Recorder
225-THT-1 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

230-042 & 230-043 & 230-044 Handheld Barometer
230-2179 Barometric Pressure Dial
230-400 & 230-404 Analog Barometer, see 230-PTB110
230-476 Weathermaster Barometer
230-355 Handheld Digital Barometer-Altimeter, Manual (PDF), see 230-M2000
230-M202 Handheld Digital Barometer-Altimeter, Manual (PDF), see 230-M2000
230-700 Barometric Pressure Sensor, see 230-600
230-701 BP Sensor in Weatherproof Enclosure, see 230-601
230-7010-A Hi-Q Microbarograph, not available, some charts and pens are available, call for repairs
230-7020-A Hi-Q Barograph, not available, charts and pens are available, call for repairs
230-7105-A Analog Output Barometer
230-7120 Analog Output Barometer
230-733 (7333) & 230-734 (7334) Aneroid Barometer
230-7410 & 230-7420 Series Mercury Barometers, not available, Manual (PDF)
230-AIR-HB1A & 230-AIR-HB2A Handheld Barometers, not available, Manual (PDF), see 230-M202
230-P111 Dial Barometer

235-5010-A Hi-Q Meteorograph, not available, some charts and pens are available, call for repairs

240-1070-L & 240-1071-L Campbell-Stokes Pattern Sunshine Recorder (Lambrecht)
240-152 (3079) Shadow Band
240-3010-A Mechanical Pyranograph, not available, some charts and pens are available, call for repairs
240-400 Foot Candle/Lux Meter
240-CM3 Pyranometer, see 240-CMP3
240-CUV3 Broadband UV Radiometer, see 240-CUV5
240-CUV4 Broadband UV Radiometer, see 240-CUV5
240-SD-1 Sunshine Detector
240-SD-2 Sunshine Detector
240-SS-1 Sunshine Sensor

250-124 AquaTel Soil Moisture Sensors

255-6010-A Evaporograph

260-2101 & 260-2102 Rain Logger, see 260-2103
260-2107 Telog Event Recorder, see 260-2103
260-2505 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
260-2511 Standard Rain and Snow Gauge, see 260-2510
260-2540 All Season Rain Gauge
260-2597 Pocket Event Counter, see 260-2598
260-360 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
260-6018 12" Rain Gauge
260-6028 12" Electric Heated Rain Gauge
260-6070 Rate-of-Rainfall Gauge
260-6113-A Event Recorder, not available, some charts and pens are available, call for repairs
260-7038UF Wireless Rain Gauge
260-7048U Wired Rain Gauge
260-IRU-9400 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor
260-RGAI-1 Rain Gauge Analog Interface

270-200 Conductivity Sensor
270-201 Conductivity Signal Conditioning PCB
270-300 pH Sensor
270-301 pH Signal Amplifier
270-400 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
270-401 Annual Service Kit

280-200 Insertion Flow Meter
280-310 Submersible Pressure Transducer
280-320 Submersible Pressure Transducer
280-325 Submersible Pressure Transducer
280-330 Submersible Pressure Transducer
280-436A Incremental Shaft Encoder
280-500 AquaCalc 5000 Electronic Water Flow Computer
280-622 Price's Type Water Current Meter
280-625 Pygmy Type Flow Meter
280-6510-A Richards-type Water Level Recorder
280-6660 Digital Water Current Meter, not available
280-66604 25' Suspension Cable Kit, limited supply
280-700 Liquid Level Switch
280-DCU7110 280-DCU1104 Ultrasonic Sensors
280-IRU2123 Ultrasonic Sensor
280-IRU6429 Ultrasonic Sensor

300 Series Analog and Digital Displays
300-100 Rustrak Recorder - Manual (PDF 2.2MB)
300-700 Series Multi-Range Chart Recorders - Manual (PDF 10.6MB)
300-8730 Series Potentiometric Recorders - Manual (PDF 2.7MB)

380-600 Thermometer Shelter (4530, 8130)
380-601 Small Instrument Shelter (4535, 8125)
380-602 Medium Instrument Shelter
380-605 Large Instrument Shelter (Cotton-Region Shelter) (4525, 8120, 8121, T982580)
380-8150 Series Motor-Aspirated Solar Radiation Shields

400-1200 Visibility Sensor
400-2090 Sight Clinometer
400-2095 Ceiling Light Projector
400-SVS Sentry Visibility Sensor, see 400-73000 Sentry Visibility Sensor

410-1000 Mission Instruments Electric Field Meter
410-M-10 Airborne Research Handheld Lightning Detector
410-SkyScan Handheld Lightning Detector