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Current manuals can be found on the product pages. Older manuals are listed here. If you need a manual not listed on this page, please give us a call or send us an email. In addition to NovaLynx manuals, our library includes manuals for instruments by DataLynx, WeatherPort, Sierra-Misco, WeatherMeasure, WEATHERtronics, Qualimetrics, and others.

100-1950 Weather Station
100-2130 Combination Wind Sensor
100-WR103NX Portable Weather Radio
100-WR108 Portable Weather Radio
110-WS-16 Weather Station, firmware 4.0.8 and newer
110-WS-16 Weather Station, firmware 3.0.7 and older
110-WS-16BP Barometric Pressure Sensor
110-WS-16RC Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
110-WS-16SMM Met Manager Software
110-WS-16TH Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
110-WS-16TM Tripod and Sensor Mast
200-2510 and 200-2511 Totalizing Anemometer
200-2510-A and 200-2511-A Totalizing Anemometer
200-2201 Nova-Vane Wind Speed and Direction Sensor
200-WS-22 Current Loop Wind Sensor
210-4110-A Thermograph
220-050U Relative Humidity Sensor
220-504-A Relative Humidity Sensor
225-050Y Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
225-500-A Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
225-502-A Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
225-5020-A Hygrothermograph
225-503 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
225-HMP50YA Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
230-044 Handheld Digital Barometer
230-355 Handheld Digital Barometer
230-600 and 230-601 Barometric Pressure Sensor
230-7010-A Microbarograph
230-7020-A Barograph
230-733 and 230-734 Aneroid Barometer
230-7410 and 230-7420 Series Mercury Barometers
230-AIR-HB-1A and 230-AIR-HB-2A Handheld Digital Barometer
235-5010-A Meteorograph
240-1070-C Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder
240-1070-L Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder
240-190SZ, 240-200SZ, 240-210SZ Solar Radiation Sensors (Li-Cor Type SA)
240-3010-A Mechanical Pyranograph
260-2102 Rain Logger
260-2590 Precipitation Detector
260-6113-A Event Recorder
300-100 Single and 300-200 Dual Chart Recorders (Rustrak Series 200, 300, 4000, 7000)
300-700 Multi-Range Chart Recorder (Chino AL Series)
300-8730 Potentiometric Chart Recorder (Chino EH Series)
380-605 Large Instrument Shelter
410-SkyScan Handheld Lightning Detector
Qualimetrics, WeatherMeasure, WEATHERtronics
2106 Skyvane Wind Speed & Direction Sensor
2150, 2151 Wind Reporter Indicator
3008, 3009, 3010, 3011 Mechanical Pyranograph
6010 Rain Gauge
6810, 6811 Evaporograph
7010 Microbarograph
7105-A Analog Output Barometer
8304 (CFJ-II-B) Balloon Theodolite
1036HM Wind Sensor
2500 Rain Gauge
2501 Rain Gauge
Weather Instruments Catalog 786
HAWS Home Automatic Weather Station (© 1983)

Most of our manuals are provided in PDF format. Please note that depending on the speed and quality of your internet connection, the PDF files may take a few minutes or more to download.